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Chiropractic Care for Pregnancy

Keep Moving Chiropractic in Flushing MI offers midwife consultation and services for expectant mothers. Jill Roper CPM, a midwife for many years and owner of Compassionate Hand Birth Services in Flushing provides expertise in the field of midwifery and home birth.  "Consulting expectant mothers in a chiropractic office is such a natural fit for the two disciplines.  Babies seem to come out much easier when Mama has had chiropractic care, especially during the last trimester."

Jill's midwife services include prenatal appointments monthly until around 28-30 weeks. Then appointments are every two weeks with the 36th week appointment in-home.  After that appointment they see each other in the office once a week. Each prenatal appointment in Flushing includes urinalysis, blood pressure check, weight, measuring the growth of the baby, listening to the heart beat and nutritional counseling.  Each appointment is a full hour so that all the questions can be addressed without rushing.

After the birth there are follow-up visits for the next 6 weeks. Jill's expertise provides the metabolic screening, congenital heart screening and hearing screening at the 24-hour post partum visit.

Jill states "I absolutely LOVE what I do. Home birth is a safe and viable option for many women. I am a wife of 39 years, Mama to 7 and Grammy to 14 which I have had the privilege to catch several of my grandbabies!  I also am passionate about using my gifts at MamaBaby Haiti where I serve countless Mama’s when I am there."

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“For those who remain in pain because you doubt, fear or distrust chiropractors, suffer no more! Dr. Nancy is not your typical twist-and-pop-just another number-type of doc... I strongly recommend Dr. Nancy. She is knowledgeable, kind, caring, and a great doctor.”

- Connie

“After the first visit, the discomfort in my hand was reduced significantly, as was the numbness. After the second and third visit, the burning in my neck was nearly gone and the tingling in my right hand is still entirely gone!”

- Nichole

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